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Your Information and how it is used

What is the Summary Care Record?

Generic Opt-Out Form

Anything that you discuss with any member of the Practice Team will remain confidential. The only circumstances under which we might consider passing on confidential information without your permission, would be to protect you or someone else from serious harm and in these cases we would always try to discuss this with you first.

Download  ‘Your Information and How it is Used’ leaflet here.

To release information to a third party, insurance company, solicitor or other organisations we require that you sign and date a consent form for disclosure. In most instances a template will be provided by the organisation however we are happy to accept a handwritten, signed and dated letter from the patient. In some cases patients might want another individual or family member to have access to medical records; again in this case, explicit instructions are required from the patient in order to carry out their wishes.

Health and Social Care information Centre (HSCIC)

Information about you and the care you receive is shared, in a secure system, by healthcare staff to support your treatment and care.

It is important that we, the NHS, can use this information to plan and improve services for all patients. We would like to link information from all the different places where you receive care, such as your GP, hospital and community service, to help us provide a full picture. This will allow us to compare the care you received in one area against the care you received in another, so we can see what has worked best.

Information such as your postcode and NHS number, but not your name, will be used to link your records in a secure system, so your identity is protected. Information which does not reveal your identity can then be used by others, such as researchers and those planning health services, to make sure we provide the best care possible for everyone.

How your information is used and shared is controlled by law and strict rules are in place to protect your privacy.  We need to make sure that you know this is happening and the choices you have.

To read the full patient information leaflet click here to download. Click here for large print version.

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions.

Or click on the link below (where the information is available in other formats and languages)

If you are unhappy about sharing your information or have any concerns please contact the Practice on: 0117 973 3790 and speak with the Practice Manager or tell your GP.

Information local health services hold about you

Local health services keep electronic and paper records about your health to help ensure that they can give you the best possible care. The records they hold may include:

  •  Your name, address, date of birth and NHS number
  •  Contact with you such as appointments and clinic visits
  •  Reports and notes about your health, treatment and care
  • Relevant information about those who care for you and know you well such as next of kin and other health professionals

Using your records to help your care

  • They use your health records to help plan and guide your care. They also help to ensure: 
  •  All health professionals working with you have accurate and up-to-date information
  •  Full information is available if you see another doctor or if you are referred to a specialist in another part of the NHS
  • We can investigate your concerns, questions or complaints of you have a legal claim or other incident

How your records help us

  •  Your information may be used to help:
  • Give you the best possible care and treatment
  • Monitor the quality of care that we provide and our Trust performance
  • Develop our services
  • Look after the health of the general public

Do local health services share information they hold on you?

Your records are held in strict confidence and every member of staff within the NHS has a legal duty to keep your information confidential and secure, ensuring that confidential data about you is used only in the course of their duties. They will only ever share information about you if others involved in your care have a genuine need for it.

However, you may be receiving care from people who do not work for the NHS (for example Social Services). There could be occasions when they need to discuss your care with them in order to work together for your benefit. When this happens, anyone receiving information from us about you is also under the same legal obligation to keep these details confidential.

Your information will not be passed on to anyone else without your permission except in exceptional circumstances. For example, if the health and safety of others is at risk or if by law we have to pass it on.

Introduction to Summary Care Records

The NHS in England is introducing the Summary Care Record, which will be used in emergency care. The record will contain information about any medicines you are taking, allergies you suffer from and any bad reactions to medicines you have had, to ensure those caring for you have enough information to treat you safely.

As a patient you have a choice:

  • Yes I would like a Summary Care Record – you do not need to do anything and a Summary Care Record will be created for you. Healthcare staff will ask your permission before they look at your record, except in certain circumstances, for example if you are unconscious.
  • No I do not want a Summary Care Record – download the opt-out form below. This form can be returned to the Surgery.

Alternatively, copies of the opt-out form can be picked up from the Surgery or requested from the dedicated NHS Summary Care Record Information Line on: 0300 123 3020.

For more information, telephone the dedicated NHS Summary Care Record Information Line on: on 0300 123 3020 or visit the website at www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk, where you can find information in other formats and languages.

Download the Frequently asked questions sheet here

You can choose not to have a Summary Care Record and you can change your mind at any time by informing the Surgery.  (If you don’t want a Summary Care Record, you need to let us know by filling in and returning an opt-out form.)

Click here to download the opt out form

Download the full Summary Care Record information leaflet here

Connecting Care Local Record

In addition to the National Summary Care Record, your local NHS in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire is developing a local shared record, called the Connecting Care Record.

Your Connecting Care Record will contain more detailed information, such as diagnoses, medications and appointments, to support your treatment and care at services in your area.

This record will only be used to support your care locally. It will ensure that the people caring for you have enough information to treat you safely and to coordinate your care.

Your Connecting Care Record will only be available to authorised health and social care staff who are directly involved in your care locally. As with the Summary Care Record, they must have permission each time they view your Connecting Care Summary.

For more detailed information, download the full information leaflet here

As a patient you have a choice – if you are happy for your information to be shared locally you do not need to do anything and a Connecting Care Record will be created for you.

If you do not want a Connecting Care Record then there is an opt out form available –
Visit:  www.bristolccg.nhs.uk.
Or, download on opt out form here

For further information, visit www.bristolccg.nhs.uk or call the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0800 073 0907 or 0117 947 4477.

Your National Summary Care Record and local Connecting Care Record will be created over the next 12 months.

If you do nothing we will assume that you are happy with these changes and create a Summary Care Record and a local Connecting Care Record for you. If you are the parent or guardian of a child under 16 and feel that they are old enough to understand, then you should make this information available to them.

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