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I have an emergency

An emergency is an imminently life-threatening condition. In this situation please dial 999 and ask for an emergency ambulance. Please do not call 999 if the condition is not considered life-threatening.

Chest pains and Heart attack symptoms

No two people are the same and symptoms can vary from person to person. They can vary from severe pain in the centre of your chest, to having mild chest discomfort that makes you feel generally unwell. Other symptoms may accompany the chest pain or discomfort.

If you, or anyone around you, experience these symptoms, do not ignore them. Phone 999 for an ambulance immediately.

The sooner you get treatment the greater your chances of survival.

Llink to YouTube 'watch your own heart attack' video.

Stroke - Act 'FAST'

If you think someone may be having a stroke it is important to respond very quickly. The sooner they receive treatment, the greater the chance of survival and recovery.

F - Has their face fallen on one side, can they smile?

A - Can they raise their arms and keep them there?

S - Is their speech slurred?

T - Now time to call 999 if you see a single one of these signs.

...every second counts.

Link to NHS Act Fast page



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